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This is a list of all the Projects I am involved in this semester, Summer 2011.


1. Creation of a new Phylogenetic Tree based off of Secondary Structure:

	i)Create code for RBP.
	ii)Find way to include tertiary contacts in interpretation. 


2. Quantum Entanglement Project with Josh

Quantitative Systems Biology Project

3. Using new definitions to parse Topological and Functional PIN yeast data.


4. Retina Project: ECM and RPC Project

5. Nanoscope

6. Retina Project: structure determines alignment in Nano-growing.

7. Write review paper on fovea with Yujing and Mochu; use work we did in Professor Makowski's course as basis.


8. Find a way to grow my plants and prevent plnats and animals from eating them.

Qualifying Exam

9. Take Exam

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